Contribute to world-leading technology and make the world a more sustainable place

Considition is back! This time in collaboration with Riksbyggen - one of Sweden's biggest property companies who create attractive and sustainable housing for everyone. This year's challenge is all about developing the smartest sustainable cities for our future - with smart algorithms. Enter this year’s challenge today and compete on October 8th! Training week starts one wee kprior to the big day, on October 1st.

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4,000 in prizes

Weekend trip

The winners will go on an extraordinary weekend trip (in 2021) to one of the world's most sustainable cities to learn more about smart and green cities for a couple of days*. You'll get the chance to experience some of the most sustainable and smartest buildings that exist as well as local food and culture. Everything is included.

*We follow the recommendations of WHO and local authorities which might effect the winner's trip.

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Everyone is eligible to taake part in this hackathon.


No special requirements are needed. Sign up and we will provide you with rules, more information and starter kits when the trainiing week begins at October 1th.


Mr. Algorithm

Mr. Algorithm

Judging Criteria

  • Algo optimization
    The most optimized algorithm wins. Easy as that. You'll get what we mean when you start practice. More info at


  • Machine Learning/ AI